Najiba Mracadeh

Najiba Mracadeh


Najiba Mracadeh is a writer and linguist, who started her career as a computer programmer in her birthplace Damascus in Syria and now lives in Bristol. Her experiences of life, love and friendship across the world have given her a unique perspective on the themes that truly matter in our lives, and which speak a universal truth that we all share.


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enchanting poetic delivery

Najiba is a story-teller whose enchanting poetic delivery sits among the best of English writers. An insight into a different life, shared with all the broken-heartedness that true poets and those separated from their homeland have to embrace.

-Lizzie Leigh

so beautifully written

I am so moved. So beautifully written… the poetic language used to describe her history, events and feelings is so rich as is her description of others in her life.

-Sarah Parker

wonderful, tender, honest

This is a wonderful, tender, honest, work of poetry. I loved it. The format is like a kaleidoscope constructed from fragments of memory that creates beautiful and often striking images.

-John McLellan


Najiba was recently a guest on Joe Williams's podcast Moving With The Pen — available on Spotify and other podcast apps.


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